Hi folks...Gus Harris here from the Univ. of West Florida, Pensacola, FL.
I've got a question about inactive records storage database software.
Actually, I'm trying to find some software to use for our inactive records
storage facility to replace the "primitive" database program we've been
using.  Our storage facility capacity is approximately 3500 cubic feet...and
we are planning to increase our space and double that amount.  Still a
fairly small records storage facility but certainly large enough for our
needs.  We store records as "groups"...whatever is listed on a single
transmittal form.  And we dispose of them as "groups" when everything on a
transmittal has met retention.  Each group (usually several boxes of
records) is identified by a single accession number (for everything on that
transmittal form), and each box on the form is listed with the assigned
shelf number.

I need storage software that is "simple" yet complex enough to provide
templates for entering data, etc.  And I need something that will allow for
"cascading info change" like when one of our departments changes it's
name...I can easily change it in the database in one step. And I need to be
able to easily customize the data entry to work with the system we use for
accessioning records.  I thought I had the solution when I had a student
assistant working here who was very good at developing databases using
visual basic with excel.  He began developing what seemed to be a pretty
good database for our facility..but he ended up having to quit and the
database was far from complete.  I've considered trying to find someone else
who can finish it...but I'm just not sure that will be the best solution.
So, I'm back where I started with the old database...which works but doesn't
have templates for entering data, etc. and very inefficient to use.  And
although I know basically how to develop a database in excel...I just don't
have the time to develop my skills enough to finish the one that was
started...using something like visual basic 6.

So, I'm wondering if anyone on the list has any suggestions?  I really need
to implement a new database prior to the expansion we have planned.  Thanks
in advance for any info or suggestions!

Records Manager
Univ. of West FL
Pensacola, FL

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