>>just make a note in your diary to avoid using low cost, ineffective
vendors and support a vendor who actually wants your business enough to
do it right."<<

I know this list takes great pleasure in throwing darts at Iron
Mountain.  But lets look at it from the other side.  Based on their
calculations, IM does about 5 million pickups and deliveries a year.
Let's say that we have about a quarter of the year done.  That makes
about 1.25 million deliveries done as customers expected, with four

Please understand that I know what kind of hardship might have been
caused to the companies whose backups were lost.  At the same time, I
have a challenge to those organizations that are holding IM to task for
their mishaps.  How about if we hold your organization to the same level
of reliability in your core business function that you are expecting of
IM?  And if you fail, should we write your name in our diary.

I have been in business long enough to realize that nobody is perfect.
At least IM came forward and made a suggestion on how to make the
process more secure in the future.

Bill Roach, CRM
Enterprise EDMS Coordinator
State of North Dakota
ITD/Records Management

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