I also use Microsoft Access to track our inactive records.  However, the
way it is currently set up it is hard to differentiate the total number
of boxes from the total number of files.  I would be interested in
possibly being able to know more about how to set up the database to
differentiate these two.  My database currently has a little over 9,000
records but I can't make heads or tails as to how many actual boxes
there are to how many actual files there are.  Also, is it possible to
get some screenshots of how the form view it set up.  Maybe from this I
can suggest a better way to have our database configured.

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I use MicroSoft Access and it does everything you describe and more. I
do data entry in the datasheet view as opposed the form view, because it
is much faster. I have a "boxes" table at the box level that I use to
manage the records center -- retention, location, disposition, etc. I
have a "files" table that lists every file in every box, which I use for
searching. And I have a "retrievals" table where I log and track
retrievals for staff. And you can create just about any type of query
you think of. I set up blank "files" tables on users' computers where
they do the data entry for their own boxes, email it to me, and I append
it to my main database (after a QA/QC check). Right now I have about
6,000 boxes and 42,000 files.

I don't write this to advertise for MicroSoft, but rather to point out
that I used something that my company had already, and so incurred no
cost. Perhaps you also have a ready-made solution in your organization,
and so don't have to write a new database program from scratch.

Good luck,
Gary Link, CRM
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