Me again! I hope I'll be able to post some good sightings the next 6 days,
to compensate for allmy information requests!

I decided to try to print out a map of Fort Lauderdale airport, to take
with me Saturday morning when I fly to Florida, but I could not match up
what I could see on the maps with the verbal descriptions of the site.
Maybe someone would have time to explain?

Descriptions talk about "the perimeter road, south of Ft Lauderdale
airport." On the map, there is a fairly major road that runs adjacent to
the south side of the airport property. It appears to be called "NW 10th
Street" There also is a small road parallel to that on the airport
property. THEN I can also see a loop road into the east side of the
airport that appears to go to the actual terminal.

If someone could give me specific directions on how to get to where the
Anis are seen, I'd be very grateful! Also, in an April 24 posting to the
TAS board, the poster (Alex) mentioned "So, there are at least three
Smooth-billed Anis at Greenbelt Park on Griffen Road." I can't find a
Griffen Road near Ft. Lauderdale. Is that a different place, or another
way of refering to the aiport perimeter road place?


David M. Mark
Amherst, New York (near Buffalo; home location)
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