This morning while conducting some field work near
McNab Road in Ft. Lauderdale I drove past a flock of
maybe 25 Wood Storks standing on the roadside.  I've
seen Wood Storks quite a few times, but this was the
first time I've seen them standing along the side of a
very busy road in the middle of a large city.

At a site maybe 2-3 miles away I saw a flock of 9
Red-crowned Parrots.  This is the second time in 2-3
weeks that I've seen what I thought were Red-crowned
Parrots.  The first time I was not sure, but I'm
confident now.  Although I am a little unclear why I
cound see no blue on their head even in good light at
fairly close range through binoculars.  Also, someone
else stopped while I was watching these birds and
identified them as Green-cheeked Amazons.  A Google
search seems to indicate that Red-crowned Parrots and
Green-cheeked Amazons are the same species.

Mark W. Miller
Plantation, Florida

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