Hey Everybirdy,

  My buddies, Jack and Squint, were out birding with me this morning at
MINWR.  Some notables?
Peacock's Pocket:
8 Spotted Sandpipers
30 Short-billed Dowitchers
40 Stilt Sandpipers

E. Gator Creek Road:
3 Bobolinks (males)
large numbers of peeps (mostly Least and Semipalmated 'pipers, with a
sprinkle of Westerns)  lots out toward the center in the heat shimmer as well.

Blackpoint Drive:
Pair of Bald Eagles sitting together on the perch post by stop 3
15+ White-rumped Sandpipers (alternate plumage) between stops 2 and 4
  - the first one caught my eye, walking past a Semipalmated Plover, I
thought "wow, that's a big sandpiper!" lol  I

  Took some bad digiscoped pics of it, I'll stick a couple on my site later
today.  I might go back out in late afternoon for another try.
  See you out there!

Thomas J. Dunkerton
Titusville, FL
Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those
who know little, not those who know much, who so positively assert that this
or that problem will never be solved by science.
Charles Darwin Naturalist and author (1809-1882)

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