Just got back from 9 days of the Dry Tortugas birding.  Here are some of
the highlights!

La Sagra's was at Garden Key on the 26th; park personnel tried to call
it on for me without success.

Black Noddy only seen one day on the 23rd.  The terns do not roost n the
coal docks in any numbers on easterly winds which was the case most of
the time.

There was  a fallout on the 27th with 25 species of warblers including
Bay-breasted, Kentucky, Chestnut-sided, Blackburnian, Swainson's and
lots of  Worm-eating and Cape Mays.

Catbirds by the hundred's, Yellow-billed Cuckoo's (50+) , Veery and
Wood, Gray-cheeked and Swainson's Thrush.

A flock of Dickcissel's (42).

There was another sighting of interest, a Crocodile (10') on Long Key.
One of two  The park is trying to capture it to get a blood sample to
determine origin only; Cuban or American.  They will then leave it where
it is.

Murray Gardler
9400 Merriweather Drive
Brooksvile, FL 34613-4271

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