My day began at MINWR, and I had only time for Blackpoint Dr. and L-Pond Rd.  But the shorebirds there were sensational in numbers and plumage, as reported by others this week. My favorites today were the Stilt Sandpipers, Pectoral, Dunlin, Solitary, and the handsome(very) Black-bellied Plovers; then the Dowitchers...!

I did only a small portion of Oak/Palm Hammock and had a Y.-b Cuckoo, N. Parulas, A.Redstarts, Blackpoll, Black & White, a Cape May, and R-e Vireos.

Back to Cocoa Beach in the afternoon and it was too crowded to get into the parking areas at Lori Wilson; so I came back in the 6-7 p.m. hour, which was quiet-only 7 species warblers. Thanks to Ned Steel for reporting his sightings from the Lori Wilson Hammock from this morning:

Black & White-3(none tonight)
Worm-eating-2(1 tonight)
Northern Parula-5
Cape May-1(3-4 tonight)
Black-throated Blue-4
Blackpoll-15(less tonight)
Prairie-8(3 tonight)
Painted Bunting-female-3 tonight
Indigo Bunting-5 female, 2 male
Summer Tanager-male(6 p.m)
Scarlet Tanager-pair(high in Red Bay in the sun at 6 p.m.)
Blue Grosbeak-1 male
Great-crested Flycatcher-1
Chimney Swifts
Brown-headed Cowbird-pair(in pond bathing next to Crow-what a size difference!)
And: Red Admiral and Gulf Fritillary Butterflies

Every Day A New Adventure
Phyllis Mansfield
Cocoa Beach

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