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Call for papers:
Journal of Organizational Behavior Special Issue
  Paradoxes of Creativity: Managerial and organizational challenges in the
cultural economy

This Special Issue explores the paradoxes caused by the challenge to manage
and organize creativity in the cultural economy (e.g., theatre, film,
publishing, music, photography, fashion as well as services like design,
advertising and architecture ).  Illustrative paradoxes include the

1.      The Difference Paradox: Crafting or Standardizing Human Resource
Practices?  How do companies design and implement HR policies that are
responsive to the unique requirements of their most creative workers without
alienating their business operations oriented workers?  Also, what are the
distinctive challenges of managing creative workers within organizations
that also must meet demands for predictable, stable operating processes?

2.      The Distance Paradox: Coupling or de-coupling creative and routine
How do cultural organizations reconcile the simultaneous need for separation
and integration, coupling and de-coupling of the creative and routine
elements of their organizations?

3.      The Globalization Paradox: Reconciling local creativity with
transnational power:  How can large corporations take advantage of the
localized clusters without 'contaminating' the creative atmosphere of the

4        The Identity Paradox: Individual or Collective careers, identities
and reputations?  How do industry, occupational and organizational
contextual factors influence the evolution of creative careers, identities
and reputations? (

Manuscripts must be received by July 1, 2005. Authors should prepare
manuscripts in accordance with JOB guidelines, published at the back of
every issue or on the JOB website. All submissions will be blind-reviewed by
at least two reviewers. Please submit manuscripts in a Word-compatible
format electronically to Robert DeFillippi: [log in to unmask] . Authors
without internet access may mail five hard copies to:  Robert DeFillippi,
Sawyer School of Management, Suffolk University, 8 Ashburton Place, Boston,
MA 02108-2770  (Phone 1-617-573-8243)

For a more detailed overview of the special issue:

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