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Dear SOCNET list,

Are you interested in reading an evaluation copy of our forthcoming book,
"The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online"?

This is the first mass market book about how people can become dramatically
more successful by leveraging online networks: find a new job, new clients,
or new business partners. More technically, this is the first mass market
book about "social software": blogs, social networking sites, relationship
capital management software, and so on. The CEOs of many of the leading
companies in this industry have already raved about the book, including the
CEOs of Best Software, Ecademy, and Ryze.not to mention Craig Newmark
(founder of craigslist), Bob Cialdini (bestselling author of Influence), and
Ivan Misner (Business Network International), among many others. Extensive
information about the book, including a blog and resource center, are at
<> .  The
American Management Association is the publisher.  Although this book is
firmly based in the relevant academic research, it is written in a very
user-friendly and approachable way.

If you're interested, please go to and click the button,
"Request an evaluation copy".

We are also seeking reviewers for the book---both journalists and academics.
If you are not interested in writing a review for publication, but know a
journalist who would be interested, I'd greatly appreciate the introduction.

Thank you!


David Teten

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