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Stephen Thair wrote:

>Something like LinkedIn can certainly be used to support existing F2F
>networks e.g. by tracking down old colleagues, university friends etc,
>and definitely has more "social software" features that the flat portals
>mentioned above...

>So I guess it really depends on what level of support you think a social
>network needs... is email, SMS texting, Skype and an Outlook address
>book enough?
Well, there's a similar thing here in Europe, OpenBC:

In the last four months alone, I was able to "link" with roughly 150
friends, acquaintances, former and present coworkers...

Many of those people had already disappeared from my radar screen. The
tool provides search agents, Outlook sync, a telephony feature, internal
e-mail, mechanisms to introduce people to each other, discussion boards,
... and it is a lot opener than LinkedIn. Have a look...


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