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Below is an announcement for an upcoming social network analysis master class at Boston College June 13-15, 2005. This will be an exciting, hands-on introduction to SNA for managers, consultants, and practice-oriented academics.

It will be taught primarily by Inga Carboni and Pacey Foster -- two of Steve Borgatti's senior doctoral students who have significant consulting and training backgrounds. The master class will include presentations by Steve Borgatti (a leading SNA researcher and author of its most popular software packages UCINET, NETDRAW and KEYPLAYER), Patti Anklam (a well known consultant working at the intersection of networks and knowledge management) and Bill Torbert (a senior scholar/consultant in action research and leadership development).

The program fee of $799 includes continental breakfast and lunch each day and a notebook of course materials. Participants will be responsible for making their own accomodation arrangements and for downloading a trial version of UCINET from prior to the training.

Please direct inquiries, including requests for more detailed information, to

Inga Carboni <[log in to unmask]>
Pacey Foster <[log in to unmask]>


The BC teaching team

                                                           BOSTON COLLEGE
                                 SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS MASTER CLASS
                                                        June 13-15, 2005
                                  Wallace E. Carroll School of Management
                                                         Boston College

For information and reservations contact Inga Carboni ([log in to unmask]) or Pacey Foster ([log in to unmask])

The 21st century is clearly the age of the network. From the emergence of web based networking tools and
collaborative filtering, to the popularity of concepts like tipping points, structural holes, social capital,
embeddedness, and network organizations, network analysis seems to be all around us. More and more
consulting firms are offering network analysis to their clients as a way of identifying and improving formerly
hidden organizational dynamics. In academic organizational research, network analysis has been used to
study organizational phenomena at the small group, organizational, market and institutional level. Despite its
growing popularity among consultants and scholars, many people find it hard to begin using social network
analysis (SNA) because its methods and software programs seem too daunting or complex. This workshop
addresses this issue by presenting a non-technical but hands-on introduction to social network analysis that is
directed at experienced consultants and academic researchers with a practical bent.

Offered on the campus of Boston College’s Wallace E. Carroll School of management, this master class will
give you access to Steve Borgatti, one of the founders of organizational network research and the author of
its most popular software packages, UCINET, NETDRAW and KEYPLAYER. The master class will also
include Bill Torbert, a leading organizational scholar and action research consultant who will help
participants explore the complex behavioral and ethical challenges of using social network analysis as an
organizational intervention, and Patti Anklam, a well-known consultant at the intersection of social
networks and knowledge management.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to use social network analysis to:
• Diagram the connections among actors and groups in your organization
• Identify the central actors in work processes and groups
• Uncover the hidden connections among individuals and groups that drive organizational performance
• Learn to recognize and improve problematic network structures and group dynamics

Taught by Inga Carboni and Pacey Foster, two organizational researchers with over 25 years of combined
experience in organizational consulting and management, this master class provides a practical introduction
to the theory and practice of social network analysis.

The course fee of $799 includes continental breakfast and lunch each day, an evening dinner with Steve
Borgatti and a notebook of course materials. Participants will be responsible for making their own
accommodation arrangements and for downloading a free trial copy of UCINET from prior to the course.

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