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Well, Valdis,  
I did not see the photo that you refer to as my entry started with another photo - 'Crowd'. I went through the entire selection out of interest (i.e. connected virtually/ physically and emotionally to all of them), but I did not see (or notice) the one that you mentioned.
Perhaps this example emphasises one of the points that I was trying to make - of overlapping networks and their interpretation by the observer (as an actor in them).
I think we may conclude from our 'shared..?' experience that Ego-networks exist the way WE (the observers) construct them.


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Thanks.  The ego  network just refers to the picture.  You see only a
portion of the near tower -- you are looking out from it -- and then
you see all of the other towers and their connections.  So the near
tower is ego, and the other towers are alters, in ego's personal


On May 14, 2005, at 3:49 AM, E.Todeva wrote:

> Extremely interesting link!
> But I am not clear what do you refer to as Ego-network -

> Looks like a social network to me... an ego network from the
> perspective of ego.

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