Several of us are about to embark on an interview project for one of our
developmental education journals.  In doing so two nationally known
reading/learning experts (Michele Simpson and Sherrie Nist) will answer
questions about their combined half century of working in our field as
theorists, researchers, and teachers.  The interview process will ask them
to look back at out field's contributions, discuss the state of the art,
and look forward across the decade ahead.

Given the nature of this project, we would like to ask members of the
LRNASST to participate. Is there a particular question you would like to
pose to these individuals? Are there any topics on developmental reading or
strategic reading/learning you believe would be of great interest to your

Should you be willing to share your thoughts/questions, please contact me
off line.  (I do not want to clog up the listserv.)



Norman A. Stahl
Professor and Chair
Literacy Education
GA 147
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

Phone: (815) 753-9032
FAX:   (815) 753-8563
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