Because we're changing the structure of our tutoring services, we're doing
some research on how other tutoring programs are set up...  If you have a
minute, could you send me information about your tutoring services?

1.  What tutoring services are provided at your institution? (individual,
group, SI, etc.)
2.  What level of tutoring staff exists at your institution?
        a.) # professional part-time/full-time/permanent/hourly employees
(and level?  Classified? Management? Faculty? Etc.)
        b.) # full-time/part-time faculty
        c.) # student/peer tutors
3.  Is tutoring by appointment, drop-in, or both?
4.  How many hours of tutoring are available to students each week?
5.  How large is your institution? (2-year, 4-year, #full-time/part-time
6.  Anything else?

Thanks for your help!

Danielle Petersen, Director
Academic Support Center
College of the Redwoods

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