My tutor orientation is a combination of face to face and Blackboard. In
the 2 hour face to face orientation I incorporates a lot of role playing
activities and group discussions and the NC State videotapes, again with a
lot of discussion. Here I cover the administrative basics, some of the
philosophy of the program and the general "how to" information.

For the  Blackboard component of the orientation ( an additional two hours)
I cover  tutoring basics, the job description and do's and dont's. I have
online quizzes, a lot of links to other sites both on and off campus as
well as brief online embedded quizzes such as listening skills quiz, etc. I
also have a discussion board where tutors are required to answer and/or
post for each topic.

Roberta Schotka
Head, Peer Tutoring
Northeastern University Libraries
(617) 373-2150 voice
(617) 373-2529 fax

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