Please visit the new LRNASST-L archives homepage
<> and User Guide.   The
format of the archives page has been changed to make the listserve
options that you can control through the web more obvious.  Also on the
archive page is a link to a LRNASST Listserve User Guide.  This document
(the user guide) is a modification and expansion of a similar page from
the Learning Support Centers in Higher Education website
(  If you are
a regular user of the old LRNASST-L archive homepage, the new one may
look confusing at first because of the added functionality.  Be
assured.  After selecting a month for your archive search, everything
should look the same as before.

I hope you will take the time to look over the LRNASST Listserve User
Guide <>.  Near the top of the
Guide is a suggestion box.  Please feel free to use this box (or email
me directly) to make suggestions for our listserve.  Any suggestions are
welcome.  If the majority of you find after using the new website for a
few of weeks that you would prefer the old archive page, I will switch
back to the earlier format.

I hope you like the changes!


I had included a partial address in the link for the User Guide in my
earlier email.  I hope these all work now.

To access the LRNASST-L archives or User Guide, or to change your
subscription options (including subscribe/unsubscribe), point your web browser to

To contact the LRNASST-L owner, email [log in to unmask]