In the last 24 hours, I have received responses to my original query on
recommendations for freshman-level study and reading skills DVD videos.
All sources listed below represent outside videos except for the first
one from Canada that can be found online:

1) <>
      A set of 12 free videos ONLINE + helpful extras.  Lip sync is
very good.  Videos are reasonably short, and can be appropriately
entertaining.  Study skills.  Peter Walsh, Academic Skills Counsellor,
McMaster University in Ontario is looking into turning the videos into

2) From Elizabeth Lee, Baton Rouge Community College, and Alan Craig,
Georgia Perimeter College-Dunwoody---
 Purdue University videos can be found at:
Topics: Notetaking/ Concentration/ Rate and Comprehension/ Unraveling
the Textbook Maze/ How Do I Know What to Study?/ How Do I Show What I
Know?/ Multiple Exams/ Time Management/ etc.

3)  From Sharon Green, Niagara University---
     Four videos she has used in developmental reading classes:
a. "Memory Skills" from GPN (800-228-4630).
b.  "Staying Focused: Improving Motivation and Concentration" from
Purdue University.
c.   "Lecture Notetaking" also from Purdue.
d.   "This Is a Test.  This Is Only a Test"  from Cambridge Educational

Note:  I haven't reviewed any of the videos yet from # 2 or
3, or visited the Purdue site.   Good luck!

John Omerod, Program Coordinator
Learning Enhancement
Department of Literacy
148 Gabel Hall
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL   60115
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