I work  at a college at which it has been mandated that we send "developmental" learners to community college.   Even so, our 2 critical thinking instructors, while enrolling only some "developmental" students, do address a need.

 In other discussions on this web site, I have stated my position that college reading and writing are on a continuum.  Every student is a developing reader and writer.  (I hope this is not heresy.  I don't mean to downplay the excellent work of developmental instructors and curricula at the college level. ) Also, some students can effectively read an art history textbook but struggle with  their chemistry textbook.

 In the fall, I hope to begin to persuade faculty across fields and their students that needing help with college reading  has no taint.  It is probably widespread whether you are 4-yr college, a community college, or a research university.

Please keep these "airwaves" open so we can all address the needs of our students in the best way possible.  Please stay "on the air," Jeanne.

Sharon W. Smith, Ed.D

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