About a year ago I developed a similar probation program to those
mentioned. It is an 8 week course that meets 1 hour a week, called
Strategies for College Success.  The students who are on academic
probation are automatically enrolled in the class.  I to have them sign
a contract and we pull it out halfway through the course to make sure
they are following through on their academic responsibilities.  Students
seem to like the class setting because they realize they are not alone
and others are on academic probation.

We discuss a different topic of study skills each class and they have
readings and assignments due during the course.  I base my classes on
different chapters from Becoming a Master Student, by Dave Ellis.  I
have had a good success rate and have found that some of the students
want to continue with me through the rest of the semester.

Marcy Nielsen
Coordinator of the Learning Center
The College of Saint Rose
Albany, NY 12203

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