Get the skit  together. This always brings the crowd to their feet. This version works along with the Learning Connections Inventory. For more questions about this powerful larning pattern inventory contact [log in to unmask]  She made a campus visit in May and the buzz is still at a high pitch about the LCI. We are bringing her back in October for a followup training workshop.

"The Four Little Stinkers (thinkers)" 
Piggie #1 Iconic-Sequential Piggie #2 Auditory-Precise Piggie #3: Kinesthetic-Technical  Piggie #4 Social-Confluent
The Script: "The Four Little Stinkers" (Adapted form a script interpreted by Lynn Millar, Fort Collins, CU)
Pig#1: You know, with winter coming, maybe we should discuss what to do         about the wolf. 
Pig #2: Yes! We need to rebuild our house so the wolf will have no way to get in. I've prepared a list of all the things we'll need... 
Pig #3: Before we decide to rebuild we need to experiment try ideas and materials and... 
Pig #4: But my intuition tells me winter will be early, so we need start NOW! 
Pig #1: We need to look at other ideas first, next we plan our course of action, then... 
Pig #2: Hey, wait a minute! The fact of the matter is, we need to have a stronger house. I consulted with an expert down at The HomeBase, and he said... 
Pig #3: Perhaps if we just called the wolf and talked to him, we'll get to be friends and...
Pig #4: I think we should move to Hawaii! The wolf would never find us there and... 
Pig #1: But if we look at practical ideas first, next we experiment with each idea, then... 
Pig #2: The expert at The HomeBase said we can get everything on this list, including bricks, mortar... 
Pig #3: No, I think if we set up a meeting with the wolf and make friends with him, we could come to some mutual understanding of our differences and... 
Pig #4: Maybe we just move to Texas. I heard that wolves don't even LIKE Texans, so... 
Pig #1: We need to find more practical uses for our time. If we carefully plan our steps, then test each one for results... 
Pig #2: All these items on this list would only cost us $8,000 
Pig #3: You know, we could recognize our differences, but also our similarities with the wolf if we just sat down and talked to him... 
Pig #4: Even if we moved to Las Vegas and the wolf followed us there, he would turn right around because he wouldn't be able to take the heat. 
Pig #1: I've got a good plan with each step is in place, I'm going to move forward!
Pig #2: I'm going down to The HomeBase to get the material I need to build my OWN house! 
Pig #3: I'm going right over there to see the wolf and take the opportunity to communicate on the same level with him, despite our cultural differences! 
Pig #4: I'm packing my bags. You can find me in Florida!!! 

Eldon L. McMurray
Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence
Assistant Professor
College Success & Academic Literacy
Utah Valley State College
800 West University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058
(801) 863-8550

>>> [log in to unmask] 05/25/05 10:36 AM >>>
Hi-I am looking for suggestions on presenting information on Learning Styles to a large group (approximately 250) of freshmen at fall semester orientation.  In the past I have successfully shared information on learning styles in classroom settings.  As this is the second afternoon of a two day orientation, any suggestions to make this large group session as engaging as possible?

My understanding is that I present information to the large group, students are to complete a paper and pencil inventory, and then the students will break into their "orientation groups" with a faculty member as a facilitator to discuss the results and how this information can be applied to their classes.

Thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are welcomed!


Barbara Maurer

Director of Academic Support Services

Chestnut Hill College

Philadelphia, PA

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