I am largely one of those individuals whom Winnie Cooke calls a "lurker" in that I belong to this listserv but rarely contribute to it.  I agree that there are many times when responses work well off list, but usually I would rather spend a few extra minutes deleting unwanted material rather than miss interesting information.  After all, one can always delete whole batches of stuff unread and then at a later time go to, let's say, the previous month's material in the archives and catch any material deemed to be worthwhile in those precious spare time moments.  I say this because the material just listed responding to how a center is operated is turning out to be more interesting to me than I would have anticipated.  However, if the response had been off list I would have missed.  I would rather see material as it appears because for me it is generally faster to deal with my email on the day I receive it rather than later.  In short,  I appreciate people's desire not to "waste time," but please don't be so quick to demand offlist responses.  I am out here listening too.
Mary C. Robertson
La Salle University
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