I asked this question last year and developed an approach from networking with colleagues.  Our Academic Review Board requires that students on probation meet with me weekly.
I have them sign a contract which outlines their responsibilities and gives me permission to talk with their faculty.  Each week I engage in what I refer to as "academic coaching" - I check with them on what is going on in each class, what assignments are coming up, what progress they are making on them, what tests/quizzes they taking and results.  In addition I have developed a set of topics that I cover over the semester with them during our weekly meeting ( about 20 minutes).  Starting with a quick online learning styles inventory, a self scoring form of the MBTI, have them keep a timelog for a week and discuss time management (often the results are so bad (less than 5 hours studying per week) they ask to do it again and begin to make positive adjustments).  Then we talk about hobbies and interests, reading outside the classroom, part-time job experiences etc.  It is a process of relating to them. 
I found in this year about half of my caseload had a successful semester - earned over a 2.0 and got themselves off of probation.  A couple made Dean's List!  Some would not come.  I can send their names to Academic Review Board monthly who will write to them and call them in.  If they don't respond they probably will be dismissed if they don't get themselves off of probation in that semester.
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I would be interested as well.

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I would be very interested in this as well.


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I am looking into getting information on what other institutions are doing for their probationary students.  We have a constant struggle with compliance as I am sure you all have to deal with and we would like to streamline our requirements to make the most effective program possible.  Thanks for any and all input you may have for me.


Thanks~have a great day & SMILE, Pat  ;)

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