Greetings Learning Assistance Professionals,
I am compiling information for a resource I am working on.  Your response to the following question is greatly appreciated.  
What percentage of the academic problems of the students that you service are a result of an inability to manage their learning, as opposed to an inability to learn?  (Keep in mind that by "manage their learning" I am referring to their ability to take responsibility for their learning, organize material in a productive manner, gauge and assess their learning ,and finally, detect and correct problems within their learning. I am not merely referring to time management.) Please estimate using the following percentages (feel free to expound on your answer as well).

*       25%
*       50%
*       75%
*       90%

Lastly, does anyone know any resources that speak to these issues?
Thanks for you time,
Leonard G. Geddes, Jr.
Director of Multicultural Student Services
& Student Success
Lenoir-Rhyne College
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