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I am looking for references on network robustness and resilience applied to
organisational networks, including research that focuses on designing
organisational networks that are robust and resilient as oppose to designing
organisational networks for efficiency (such as in the Economic literature).
I am interested in both robustness and resilience of network structures as
well as the information/knowledge that flows through the network. I have
already looked at the following references:

*       Visser, B. (2004). Trade-Offs in Organizational Design.
*       Erhardt, G., Marsili, M. (2004). Emergence and resilience of social
networks: a general theoretical framework.
*       Lee, T.R. (1980). The Resilience of Social Networks to Changes in
Mobility and Propinquity. Social Networks, 2, 423-435.
*       Neweth, D., Ash, J. Evolving cascading failure resilience in complex
*       Callaway, D.S., Newman, M.E.J., Strogatz, S.H., and Watts, D.J.
(2000). Network Robustness and Fragility: Percolation on Random Graphs.
Physical Review Letters, 85(25).
*       Luciano da Fontoura Costa. (2004) Reinforcing the Resilience of
Complex Networks.
*       Borgatti, S.P. (2003). The Network Paradigm in Organizational
Research: A Review and Typology.
*       Albert, R., Jeong, H., Barabasi, A-L. (2000). Error and attack
tolerance of complex networks.
*       Watts, D. J. (2002). A simple model of global cascades on random
networks. PNAS, 99(9).
*       Dodds., P.S., Watts, D.J., Sabel., C.F. (2003). Information Exchange
and Robustness of Organizational Networks.
*       Shargel, B., Sayama, H., Epstein, I.R., Bar-Yam, Y. (2003).
Optimization of Robustness and Connectivity in Complex Networks. Physical
Review Letters, 90(6).
*       Dekker, A.H., Colbert, B.D. Network Robustness and Graph Topology.
*       Carley, K.M., Krackhardt, D. A Typology for Network Measures for

Can anyone point me to any other references that cover this aspect of social

Many thanks in advance.

Hannah Clarke.

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