Andrew & All,

  Most Gray Catbirds nest north of Gainesville, so any records south of
there are noteworthy.  As far as I know there are only a couple of
confirmed breeding records in Orange County. If your birds nest again
next year, try to get a photo.  If this year's nest is available, clip
it out of the bush & get it to the collection at UCF.  You don't have to
worry, catbirds build a new nest every year.

If anybody is wondering about the breeding status of any species in
Florida, the best resource is online at Just click
on Breeding Bird Atlas. The species are listed in alphabetical order. If
you find a breeding species that you feel is out of range, try to get a
photo without causing any disturbance to the birds.

Data collection for the Breeding Bird Atlas was completed almost 15
years ago, & breeding ranges of many species do expand & contact over
the years, so don't be too surprised by what you might find.  Just get a

  Wes Biggs

Andrew Boyle wrote:

>Hello, All.
>--- Wes Biggs <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>  ...but don't they breed in your neck of the woods?
>Had a pair nest and fledge one chick in my backyard
>this season. They took off a couple weeks ago but I
>haven't been in the back much these 2 weeks.
>I will note if we find some while banding at Wekiva
>this Sunday.
>Andrew Boyle
>Orlando, FL
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