Dear Florida Birders:

I have a conference coming up in Orlando next week.  I managed to grab two
extra days for birding.  I hope to bird the Keys on Tuesday June 7, then
drive back up north to Orlando on Wednesday, via whatever birding spots are
best.  I have my well-worn copy of Pranty's Guide, as well as saving some of
the relevant posts from this list over the past few weeks.  But I am looking
for additional hints.

The Keys - My goal is to hang around long enough into the twilight to see
and/or hear the Antillean Nighthawk.  I understand the Marathon Airport is
one of the best locations - is this true?  Any hints on this? Any dependable
locations further up the keys? I hope that the abundant status of
Black-whiskered Vireo on Key Largo has not changed since Pranty's book was
published... Also, any dependable locations for Mangrove Cuckoo on the Keys
between Key Largo and Marathon appreciated.

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beach - Are either the La Sagra's Flycatcher or
the THick-billed Vireo still around?

Orlando area - I'll have some early mornings and late nights to explore
here.  Any known locales for seeing (as well as hearing) Chuck-will's-Widow
and Eastern Screech-Owl?  And am I correct in presuming that Swallow-tailed
Kites will be possible around Orlando, if I've not seen one earlier?

Thanks in advance - I appreciate the generosity of people on this list.
Will post anything interesting, intriguing, or puzzling.

Jennifer Rycenga
Half Moon Bay, CA

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