Hello, All.

--- Betty <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> The Visitor Center is closed on Sundays through the
> summer, but my husband and I as well as a few others
managed to get to the area it  was last seen.

Hearing about this bird (would have been a Lifer for
me) I headed over to the coast by dawn to be saddened
by no sign announcing the center being closed Sunday.
Guess I had forgotten. Couldn't remember it being
closed before.

Just used to being there in the Winter, I suppose.

Drove by just after 9:30 and there was a line of other
disappointed birders. At least 6 cars then.

So, I headed to Peacock's Pocket just for fun. Not too
mush out there besides Red-winged Blackbird
(EVERYWHERE on the refuge), Moorhens, herons and a few

Earlier, I drove out to watch the sunrise from the
beach and then hit Biolab. Nothing of note there.

Over to Black Point. Got a few good shots of some
Black-necked Stilts and found the Common Nighthawk
sitting in front of the stump at marker 6 that Tom
Dunkerton has mentioned. As I got a bead on the bird I
saw another bird swooping by: dark with nice white
wing bands. Another Nighthawk! After a couple loops it
landed a few yards to the left of the first.

If I hadn't seen it land I don't think I would have
ever seen it.

Thanks, Tom! That almost made up for the missing Kite.

Andrew Boyle
Orlando, FL

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