I forwarded Brian's question about black-bellied whistling ducks at
Orlando Wetlands Park to the site's manager, Mark Sees. His response is

Julie Wraithmell
Tallahassee, FL

From: Mark Sees
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 11:06 AM

Hey Julie, Thanks for the email. The Black bellieds have been here for 3
years now.  We actually have routinely been seeing 30-50 of them in the
Wetlands this last month.  Their population is really exploding here.
Three years ago we only had two that successfully raised young ones.

Mark Sees
Wetlands Analyst
City of Orlando
25155 Wheeler Road
Christmas, Florida 32709

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A brief stop yesterday at Orlando Wetlands Park in Christmas produced
Black-bellied Whisting-Ducks.  They were seen either in flight or
perched on
trunks of dead palm trees.  The checklist available on-site (revised
3/04) fails to list this species.  I did a quick, non-exhaustive search
of the listserve archives, but failed to find any mention of BBWD at
this location.  Could this be a new species for OWP?

Brian Rapoza
Miami, FL

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