Hi Folks,

The scouting is finished.  The plans are made.  Tomorrow, Andy and I 
will set out to beat our own June Big Day record of 144 species set 
last year at this time.  We hope to make 150, or at least 148.  I 
believe the Georgia record for June is 147.  I think Florida should be 

Sightings of note include:

30 May 05  Two juvenile White-tailed kites 4.2 miles west of US 27 on 
the Palm Beach/Broward County line.
01 Jun 05  30 Northern gannets in the brutal SE wind at St. Mark's.  
One adult, rest young.
01 Jun 05  Basic plumaged Common loon offshore St. Mark's NWR
01 - 04 Jun 05  Late Blue-winged teal along the main road at St. Mark's 
03 -04 Jun 05 Alternate plumaged Common Loon on Lake Ella
03 Jun 05  136 1/2 Muscovies at Lake Ella.  (One Muscard or Muscovy X 
Mallard hybrid.)
01 -02 Jun 05  Hide and seek female Redhead at Lighthouse Pool or the 
salt flats at St. Mark's NWR.

We're getting up at 0200 tomorrow to head from here in Tallahassee to 
Marathon and then back to Palm Beach County.  We hoped to include 
Jacksonville and the east coast in the route, but we decided to stick 
with a west coast route due to time concerns.

Time for some sleep.

David Simpson
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