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Subject:        Fwd: The Visible Path Graduate Student Award
Date:   Sun, 10 Jul 2005 16:46:54 -0500
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>>> The Visible Path Graduate Student Award
>>> The newly-created Visible Path Graduate Student Award  is given
>>> annually to a graduate student in recognition of research at the
>>> interface between inter-organizational  science and social network
>>> analysis.
>>> The award recognizes research on organizational science, in which
>>> social networks are used to improve individual and inter-organizational
>>> performance. For example, research focusing on how people in
>>> organizations, especially corporations, use their own social networks
>>> to accelerate strategic processes with people outside their
>>> organization would be eligible.
>>> The award is for research by a graduate student and is administered by
>>> INSNA, the International Network for Social Network Analysis.
>>> Students should submit a paper (written in English)  to the committee
>>> before 1 September 2005.  The awardee will be announced later  in the
>>> fall, and  will give a formal presentation at Sunbelt 2006 in
>>> Vancouver. The paper must be written between September 1, 2004 and
>>> August 31, 2005.   Eligible students must be first (or sole) author on
>>> the submitted paper.   Letters of support should be submitted as well.
>>> Submitted papers will be evaluated by a committee of four judges; their
>>> decision will be final. Judging will be on the basis of the level of
>>> originality in the ideas and techniques, the possible applications and
>>> their treatment, and potential impact. The committee may arrive at the
>>> conclusion that none of the submitted papers merits the award.
>>> The award will made for the first time in 2005 and carries a $5000
>>> prize plus paid expenses to Sunbelt.   Funds for the award have been
>>> provided by Visible Path Corporation, New York
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