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A colleague of mine has asked for help, which I hope the members of this
list can provide. There are 2 questions:

1) He has data on the relationships (presence/absence) among nearly 1
million individuals. He would like to store this in a single, flat file
as an adjacency matrix. Furthermore, he needs to be able to calculate
network measures on the individuals in this network (e.g., between
centrality). I have never worked with a data set this large. Is this
possible? If so, what file format would work and what SNA program or
programming language should he use?

2) In addition to the relational data, he also has data on an attribute
of each individual (coded as dichotomous: present/absent). He would like
to be able to combine these two types of data in order to calculate the
path length between a focal individual and an individual who possesses
the attribute. For example, if person A is connected to person B (who
has the attribute), the path length would be 1. If person A is connected
to person B (who does NOT have the attribute), who is connected to
person C (who has the attribute), thent he path length would be 2. He
would like to use the ability to calculate such path lengths to
calculate a type of Information Centrality (Stephenson & Zelen, 1989)
for each actor in the network. This measure would only consider the path
lengths between ego and those alters who possess the attribute. If you
have recommendations on how to do any of these steps and/or recommended
references, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Corey Phelps, PhD
Asst. Professor, Management & Organization
University of Washington Business School
Box 353200
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 543-6579
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