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The flow of bank notes seems to be a nice "indirect" measure of social

EuroBillTracker is an international non-profit volunteer team dedicated
to tracking Euro notes around the world. Each user enters the serial
numbers and location information for each note they obtain into
EuroBillTracker. From this information, the site extracts:

    * Diffusion information: Each Euro country has its own range of note
      serial numbers and from this information we can generate diffusion
      graphs that tell us how the notes travel to other countries. See
      the Diffusion section for more information.
    * Tracking information: When a note is re-entered, the users who
      previously entered it are notified via email. These hits can be
      seen in the statistics section.
    * Statistics and rankings: Who enters the most notes, which are the
      best countries? Where are the notes currently situated?


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Alex List

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