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On Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 02:31:26PM -0500, Shannon Clark wrote:
> Thanks. Pajek looks close to what I would need, however as I am looking
> at commercial - not non-commercial uses it may not be an option.

Commercial graph layout software is available, e.g., from yWorks
(, see yFiles package), ILOG (, and
Tom Sawyer Software (

The yFiles feature an implementation of one of the recent multi-level
force-directed graph layout algorithms that can draw very large graphs
in seconds.

If you want to implement one yourself (non-trivial), this one is
of high quality:

 Stefan Hachul and Michael Jünger
 Drawing Large Graphs with a Potential-Field-Based Multilevel Algorithm
 Proc. 12th  Intl. Symp. Graph Drawing 2004
 Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol. 3383, pp. 285-
 Springer, 2005


A similar (though not quite as successful) method has recently been
included in Mathematica.



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