Hi there,

*An unanticipated use (by some) of "social networking"

Of course, I'm not really sure if it's something so unexpected or 
unanticipated as dystopian press are telling. I wrote a few days 
ago something about it [1]. Sorry for those not reading spanish!

IMHO, that's just something we should expect when internet tools 
for social networking really arrive at the everyday life, and 
people start using the internet to do what they were doing without 
getting connected: get in touch, meet new people, discuss about 
some specific topics, offer drugs, ...? In fact, that things are 
the key ones to conclude it is getting into our lives indeed, as 
far as the same tools to make those deals where also the path to 
get those guys caught.

The lesson for these kind of goals: if you knit so well your 
network, it could also became your trap :-)




Julio Meneses
Knowledge Society Program Ph D. Candidate.
Dept. Psychology and Educational Sciences.
The Open University of Catalonia

Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3 - UOC) Research Staff.
Project Internet Catalonia (PIC) - Schools on the Network Society