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Hello All,

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone on SOCNET who is in the
Bay Area to attend a MeshForum dinner I am hosting in San Francisco on
Sept 1st at Canton Seafood & Dim Sum.

MeshForum ( is a conference on Networks I
founded and held this past May. MeshForum's mission is to foster
research into Networks and provide a space and forum for people from all
disciplines, as well as from business and the public sector to interact,
learn from each other, and collaborate. This past May we had a wide
range of speakers, including Valdis Krebs, Eszter Hargittai, Noshir
Contractor, Anna Nagurney, Evind Almaas, Ross Dawson as well as Esther
Dyson, Edward Vielmetti, Buzz Bruggeman, Jamais Cascio, John Gartska and
Linda Lewandowski of the Office of Force Transformation at the
Department of Defence, and a panel of speakers from FEMA and Citigroup
moderated by Howard Greenstein of NYU. The full program and links to 4
of the sessions available for download from IT Conversations can be
found on our website.

At MeshForum 2006 we will again have a wide range of speakers and are
pleased that Indiania University will be displaying their Places and
Spaces traveling exhibit. If you are interested in learning more about
MeshForum, feel free to contact me directly or join us on Sept 1st for
the dinner in San Francisco.

The dinner starts at 6:30pm and will be $30 a person with a cash bar. It
is an open invitation, so feel free to share this invitation with anyone
who might be intersted.

To RSVP leave a comment at:

I will be the Bay Area from Aug 31 - Sept 4 and Seattle from Sept 8-10
and would be happy to meet with anyone from SOCNET who can't make the
dinner but would like to learn more about MeshForum.



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