Right now the implementation of rights management requires that specific
rights software be installed on an additional exchange server in order for
rights management to be implemented. You can check the list archives to see
what was discussed about this previously.

When I was with the Commonwealth of Virginia we advised state and local
agencies to not implement the  rights program since it violated the public
records act. As with most software programs this is an area where RM has to
work with IT/IS/IR in order to make them aware of the problems associated
with the software.

Right now it requires a positive act on behalf of the software owner to
implement, it is not automatic. My concern is that this becomes the default
setting and automatically implemented. Once again working with the IT staff
is key.


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>Subject: Rights Management Documents
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>There is apparently technology with Office 2003 that can limit who can see,
>copy, forward, print, etc. a document or email.  This same technology can
>expire a document X months after being sent so no one can read it
>As this becomes more and more prevalent are we going to see a return of
>"print everything and physically file it" or are there ways to capture
>these electronic documents that turn this off?
>And if people don't include their records staffs in the list of people who
>can see electronic documents how does that affect managing those documents?
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