There is an exceptionally good open source ticketing application
called RT - link below:

The software is free up to a limited number of users. We used it for a
long time and to track customer request. It is a ticketing system in
which a client/user can submit request, you can assign tickets, track,
maintain history, search, etc.

We ran it on a Windows 2003 Server and all you need is someone with
knowledge to set it up. I could refer you to the people who installed
ours if it is of further interest to you.

We eventually replaced it with as we wanted to track
contact information, opportunities and other features not built into
ticketing systems.


Michael Marchand
VP Operations
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On 8/23/05, Steve Hausfeld <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> For the last several years our library/archives has used an Intuit (the Quicken people) database product called Quickbase to document all of our reference requests. The system in an on-line database. We liked the system, because it is extremely easy to generate slick-looking graphical/tabular/etc. reports on our activities, which we can present to senior management. Unfortunately, our IM/T staff has decided that the information we need to include in the database must be maintained on our local servers and cannot "live" on an outside system. I spoke with Quickbase about purchasing a local license, but it is way too expense ($20k-plus).
> Can anyone recommend a system they use to track and report on reference activity? We already use Access for a few applications, but we would like something that is a little more flexible. Thanks in advance.
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