Thanks Jesse,

That is just the kind of information I need.  It looks like the exam
shows to be the older one.  I saw the #226, I think, associated with the
beta test and the test available at Thomson Prometric is 225-020.  Is
that the older exam?


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Hi Jack,

There are a number of CDIA+ manuals available. When I teach CDIA+ I use
the @Doc manuals (available from the AIIM bookstore,, or
their website at Other providers include DataVault,, Specialized Solutions,, and Techinfocenter,

Non-CDIA+ manuals that would be helpful: Bill Saffady has written a book

Non-CDIA+ on
document imaging, as have others - do a search on Amazon for "document
imaging", particularly since about 1995, and those should be helpful.

MeasureUp has an online exam simulator for CDIA+ -
$59 for 30 days or $79 for 90 days, I think.

AIIM offers the ECM Level I Practitioner program, which covers much of
CDIA+ material (imaging, records, document management, workflow, etc.).
CDIA+ It's
a bit pricier at $75/course for non-members, but it's online learning.

Also note that the CDIA+ includes a lot more project management than in
the past, so look for books on project management. I have used the
Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge ( as well as
Project+ and PMP study guides to prepare materials.

For prep time, if you have an imaging and project management background
(at least a couple of years), I'd say you could prepare in a couple of
weeks, maybe a month, depending on how much time you focus on it.

Finally, I have a two-day class in Houston October 6-7, with seats
available. :)

Hope this helps - please let me know if I can provide additional


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>I searched the archives and found training opportunities which is not
>what I am looking for.  Can anybody suggest some good books to read to
>prepare for the CDIA+ exam?  I am looking into taking the test in the
>near future.  I have been doing document imaging for a couple years and

>figured a certification wouldn't hurt.  What are good resources for
>preparing for the test and what is a sufficient amount of time to allow

>for the preparation?  I would appreciate any advice you could offer.
>Jack Lydick
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