> >epicure of San Antonio to be decidedly more Tex-Mex in nature.
> Larry, you are right - the best Tex-Mex is in San Antonio. Mi Tierra is a
> nice place but geared toward the tourists. Natives of the Big Enchilada
> know the REAL place for great Tex-Mex is the Blanco Café.
> The Blanco is definitely a hole in the wall but has the best enchiladas,
> menudo and barbacoa around.

Why yes... yes, I HAVE eaten at the Blanco. It was early one Sunday morning 
for menudo following a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG night at Dick's actually. =) Nothing 
is better than "Caldo de Borracho" to cleanse the 'soul' following a night 
of debauchery.

Dick's is great too - just don't get too close to the river...

That's true, especially on the way OUT of Dick's =)


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