> I have a question about e-mail management policies and personal
> directories, and I would be particularly interested in responses from
> individuals employed by county, municipal, or even state governments.
> So, what are some of your solutions? Do you ban personal directories
> altogether, allow them without limitations, or have a policy that allows
> employees to use them with limits?

Just a couple of thoughts on this....

It would seem logical that there is an overarching "Computer Use Policy" for 
your Municipal Government, and that part of that would speak to the use of 
computers belonging to the Municipal Government by employees.

In that policy, it should indicate that all content retained on the 
computers is considered as Municipal Government business and is to be 
managed in accordance with existing policies for the retention of 
information established by the Municipal Government.

It should also establish rules regarding the use of "personal directories" 
and the management of copies of information for the convenience of 
individuals, whether the files are e-mail, MS Office documents or other 

I think items you're asking about shouldn't be addressed at the lower level 
in an E-Mail Policy, because they sound as if they're applicable to 
information management and computer use in general... they should be 
addressed in a higher level policy and referenced in the E-Mail Policy. 

Larry Medina
Danville, CA
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