I'm copying this to you as well as sending it to the listserv because I'm attaching a copy of our email usage policy (you will get it, I hope, but the listserv members won't, unless they're just dying for a copy, in which case, let me know). We're in the process now of developing a training program for employees on the subject of managing their email. I got lots and lots of help from folks on this listserv when I asked for examples of similar presentations. I'm also attaching an outline of the draft presentation thus far (it's not complete), FYI.

The City of Lakewood has around 900 employees. Our policy includes the types of statements that Larry mentioned and I, too, am assuming that "personal directories" refers to setting up folders within the email system. At this point, my city has not had to limit the amount saved within the email system; the policy allows for the possibility of saving to .pst files, but it is not recommended (to which I asked, then why the heck are we even suggesting it? I believe that will be changed in the future). The recommended procedure is to save emails in appropriate project folders on network drives.

The committee that is putting together our presentation will be training employs to evaluate email based on whether or not the message relates to a record that is listed on the city's records retention schedule. If not, it is probably not a record (any questions about that should be discussed with supervisors and little ol' me). Messages related to record series with paper files should be printed off and filed (YES I KNOW YOU HATE THIS STEVE, BUT IT IS WHAT IS!)

Let us know what you all come up with.

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