I have recently narrowed my thesis topic to the positive and negative aspects of instructors/professors collaborating with their respective Learning Centers. 

I am interested in exploring what the students feel about this relationship, what professor, tutors, or others in the field feel about this and also am asking for some ideas on how to do this. 

For example:  one professor on this campus has a grad student (usually fulfilling a practicum) tutor her students on a weekly basis.  Another professor requires his students observe the Learning Center for an hour or so and then write a brief paper on what they saw.  This technique forces the students to become familiar with the Learning Center but then they decide whether or not they will ever return there again. 

I am asking for other examples of collaboration such as these.  I am also asking for any articles or books on this subject, including those that may argue the practice of such collaboration.  I would like to look at both sides of this issue.  I need to learn why some may not see the any benefits from writing tutoring so that I can present that argument as well.

Any and all ideas and information is graciously welcomed and appreciated.

Thank You,

Jessica Provost   [log in to unmask]

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