Hi, All,

Does anyone have a suggestion for mediating a situation in which faculty
members are reluctant to allow a student with traumatic brain injury to use
notes while taking tests and quizzes?

The injury occurred one year and seven months ago, and the report we have
on file is of an evaluation done approximately five months afterward.

On a supplement to our disability accommodation request form, submitted in
March of this year, the last item under the category "Specific Learning
Disability: Slowed mental processing and short term memory" says, "Use of
her personal class notes and handouts on quizzes and tests. (No old
homework or textbooks or old quizzes are to be used.)"
We are arranging for a note taker in each of her classes.

I appreciate the sharing of your insights.

Lois Martin
Academic Support Center Director
Goshen College
Goshen, IN 46526
574 - 535 - 7576
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