Alan and other interested colleagues --

As of the last time I checked ---you can not find a copy on the federal
panel's report on education for ELL's.  The powers that be decided that it
should not be printed (with federal dollars and disseminated in the manner
of the National Reading Panel report).

To my understanding the panel, comprised of leading researchers (Shanahan,
Slavin, etc.), followed a critical analysis plan much like the National
Reading Panel report of a few years ago. They discovered that clean
research supported well designed bilingual education programs.  Such was
not what the Feds wanted to see (or likely expected to see).  Hence, the
report is not being printed.  I'm not sure whether it has been sent back to
the panel so that it can seek an alternative publisher. There was some hope
that such an action would happen.

Across the years and across the administrations there have been a number of
reports that have been buried because it does not always serve the short
term or perhaps long term purposes of politicos to use good news.

I'll check with some sources --- a pedagogical Deep Throat --- as to the
status of the report.

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