The Study Guides website  <> has had a
busy summer.  The main menu was reconfigured, with several Guides added in
collaborative learning, project management and research.

Traffic on the web site now exceeds 8 million page views/50 million hits per
year.  More than 10% of the traffic is for the Spanish section, with about
5% from Mexico, and 2% from Canada and Peru.  Arabic and Chinese are second
and third position for translations.  Under a grant from the US-Indochina
Educational Foundation, over 100 pages were translated into Vietnamese, and
over 50 pages were added in Hebrew.  Other translations include Portuguese,
Spanish, Indonesian and French.

I will be leaving the University of St. Thomas in March 2006 to return to
supporting learners and to devote more time to the Study Guides.  One
project is to continue to add interactive exercises to selected Guides, and
second to install Moodle toward developing on line learning
communities/cohorts in conjunction with the Guides.

Collaborators welcome, either to expand translations or further develop the

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