Subscriptions to LRNASST continue to grow:  currently we have 917
subscribers.  Yeah!  However, I am notified daily by Listserv that
subscribers have been deleted and others are being monitored because of
several reasons including returned mail labeled "probe failed," "user
unknown," and "message content rejected."   I tell you this so that you
can check your subscription should you stop receiving email from
LRNASST-L by going to our web site listed below.  Also, if your email
system is using a spam filter, you may need to inform it that mail from
LRNASST is not spam.  If your email address changes, you may inform
LRNASST-L of the change at our web site as well.  (See the LRNASST-L
Listserve User Guide <>
for detailed instructions.)  Listserv will automatically delete
subscribers from the list when delivery errors have been reported for a
period of 7 days or when 100 delivery errors have been received,
whichever occurs first.  And while I have your attention, I would like
to point out the "Suggestion Box" feature of our LRNASST-L Listserve
User Guide <>.  You are
welcome to use it to make suggestions for improvements to our listserve.

Best regards,
Winnie Cooke
List Hostess

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