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Dear list members,

I'm working on the analysis of the hierarchical structure in digraphs and on
the position (status) of single nodes in it. By doing so, I tried to apply
Krackhardt's hierarchization index (1994) but couldn't find it in the
applications I'm familiar with (UCINET, Pajek, VISONE). Could somebody point
me to a software I can calculate it? But I'm also open for other ideas. If
there are other indexes for the hierarchy of a network (which are
implemented in a SNA software) please let me know.

I've the same problem with the 'Iterated Hubbell' index for measuring the
relative standing (status) in small groups, which is described by Doreian
(1986). Any idea how I can calculate it or is it outdated anyway?

Many thanks for your feedback!

- Krackhardt, David (1994): Graph Theoretical Dimensions of Informal
Organizations. In: Carley, Kathleen M./Prietula, Michael J.: Computational
Organization Theory. Hillsdale, P. 89-111

- Doreian, Patrick (1986): Measuring Relative Standing in Small Groups and
Bounded Social Networks. In: Social Psychology Quarterly 49/3, S. 247-259.

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