I guess all of us want to help and do whatever we can to lend a hand. Doing
anything seems better than standing on the sidelines waiting.

Watching all of this unfold has been both painful and emotional - any one
who watched Oprah's special show last night is probably like me racking
their brains as to how to help. (there is a part 2 tonight, but I don't
think I can watch)

Tomorrow refugees will begin to arrive here in Western Washington State
coming into McCord AF base. They need volunteers to assist these folks in
getting around and in processing paperwork. Personally I would think being
transplanted this far away from home would seem like going to Mars. I've
signed up to help by being a support person.

This is a website that was referenced in our local paper. They need
volunteers to help the people.

It is a very sad time when the thought that our history may be lost. It is
even sadder to think of those who have lost everything. We all can make a
difference and I know that we will.

All the best,
Sharon Burnett
University Place, Washington State USA

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