Just a few comments and in reading Carol Chosky's comments, she has valid
statements which I agree with.

I believe the mission statement is weak.  I believe it should have two key
elements behind it.  Here's how I would word it:
Develop skilled RIM professionals through encouragement and education of
its members.
Act as an advisory agency to the community for the promotion of sound
record keeping practices and principles.

Under "Goals" I would change #2 to:
Provide the tools to improve the skills of RIM professionals.

Under "Issue#3 - Standards and Practices, Guiding principles" I agree that
HQ needs to be a partner and not an adversary.  There needs to be greater
communication and sharing of knowledge between chapters and HQ.   How
about touring some of the RIM "heavies" so chapter members could learn
from the experience of their esteemed colleagues.  I realize you can go to
conference for this, but not all can afford the time or expense of this.

Overall the report is quite good and the board should be congratulated on

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